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We are here to help you bring balance in your life.  Daily challenges can bring about stress, leaving us feeling drained and exhausted. This blocks the energies that enable us to live in true happiness and health. The absence of these energies lead to disease, serious illnesses, and feelings like we lack purpose. We care about you and your individual needs. Start taking control of your life now.

There is no time like the present.


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Beginner’s Yoga Workshop Spring Ayurvedic/Yogic 7 Day Cleanse Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Shamanic Breathwork Group Session

By: lotusyoga Posted on March 25, 2015

By James Gilliland, Lotus Yoga’s NEW Healing Therapist Do you experience times when what you love or what you do, no longer works for you? Like you feel ‘burned out”…no longer having energy to do things you do well; therefore, feeling lost and unclear? This could be a time of an ego shredding; what I […]


Lotus Yoga has really nice and spacious studios that are inviting and beautifully decorated. This is a real gem in southern Johnson County! Each teacher, with different backgrounds and education in yoga, brings something unique to each class.  While challenging each student to their individual pace and abilities, a balance of growth, relaxation and peace is achieved.  The studio offers an excellent variety of classes.  Not only are yoga classes available throughout the day, Lotus Yoga also offers Pilates, massage, skin care, workshops/events, infrared sauna and healing services.
Debbie Sue Felton
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