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New Clients Only - Start Any Day of the Month
New Clients Only - Start Any Day of the Month

Yoga Class Description

Suitable for beginners as well as any student of yoga who wishes to increase their knowledge of skeletal/postural alignment and awareness. Standing and seated poses, inversions, and seated twists are practiced as well as breathing techniques. As a by-product, this class increases muscle strength, flexibility, and lung capacity. The big gift of this class is the skill you will learn in how to practice any other type of yoga safely.
This is a slow paced flow class that builds body awareness through the integration of postures and breath. It will build strength, endurance, and flexibility, empowering the body and calming the mind. You will safely and effectively stretch and lengthen your body through a flow of supportive postures and breathing techniques. Great for beginners, or those experienced practitioners who want a gentler pace.
This class is suitable for all levels. The teacher will guide beginner students through the proper alignment and form, while encouraging more experienced practitioners to challenge themselves, building strength, flexibility and balance for all.
A dynamic, vigorous style of yoga that links postures with the breath through a sequence of movements. It builds heat in the body, while the flow connects you to the circular nature within yourself. You will build strength endurance, flexibility, balance, and a calm state of mind. This is an intermediate to advanced class.
Suitable for everyone! Restorative yoga is a deeply healing yoga that does not involve stretching or muscle work. Instead, props are used to support and align the body in various yoga poses for the purpose of calming the nervous system, increasing circulation throughout the body, relaxing the mind and building a strong breathing practice. A wonderful and safe class for those who are injured, stressed, tired or who have a chronic health issue. This is the dessert of yoga!
Yin Yoga is yoga for the joints. It is a great complement to the active yang yoga practices. Our joints become stiff and rigid as we age if we do not take proper care. It will affect our mobility, and cause injury and stress to the body. Yin Yoga safely stresses the deep connective tissues in the joints in a gentle way, as poses are held for longer periods. This builds healthy blood flow, replenishing new growth of healthy connective tissue in the joints. The muscles relax, while the connective tissue does all of the work. This class is highly encouraged for all levels, due to the importance of joint health for all styles of yoga. It is relaxing, but powerful at the same time.
Mat Pilates uses no weights or jumps, just solid core results. This low-impact, high-intensity workout combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga.